Florida Man May 24 William Patterson

Florida Man May 24 William Patterson

A Florida Man Was Arrested After Apologizing To Officer Before Almost Running Him Over

Talk about a dick move. Newly released body camera footage shows a man nearly running over a Daytona Beach police officer after fleeing a traffic stop.

According to police the man, William Patterson, was originally pulled over for a seat belt violation. Officers were conducting their “Click It or Ticket” campaign when they noticed the man not wearing a seat belt.

The officer initiated a traffic stop, which the man complied to and pulled over. Body cam footage shows the officer approaching the passenger’s side door. The man apologizes to the officer before putting his truck in reverse and nearly running him over.

A taser was deployed but it missed hitting the man.

“He tried to run me over,” the officer yells into his radio. The driver of the pickup led the officer on a chase but ended up stopping in a school zone.

Patterson was eventually arrested and it was discovered that he was driving with a suspended license. He’s facing seven different charges including aggravated battery on a law enforcement officer.

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