Florida Man May 24 Dwight Devaughn

A Florida Man Was Arrested After Live Streaming Himself Breaking Into His Girlfriend’s Home

People these days are addicted to technology.

A Florida man is facing charges after he lived streamed himself breaking into his girlfriends house.

According to reports, police received a call regarding a burglary that happened earlier in the day. When they arrived the learned a man, Dwight Devaughn, had argued with his girlfriend. He was angry that she owned multiple cellphones and was upset over the amount of time she spent on the phones.

Devaughn left the home, sitting outside on the front porch. The woman left shortly after but told her boyfriend not to enter the home without her there.

He did enter the home and posted a video of himself walking into the house on Facebook. When the woman returned home she discovered 2 of her cellphones were smashed. The woman found a few items that were in her house, outside in the yard.

She was also missing numerous DVDs. The video didn’t show the man taking anything, however police ended up arresting him.

Devaughn is charged with burglary of an unoccupied dwelling, grand theft and damage to personal property.