Florida Man May 24 Christian Mosco

A Florida Man Was Arrested For Attempting To Blackmail A Car Dealership

What a classy fella.

A Florida man threatened to expose the old customer sales data records if the owner didn’t give him $50,000 and a new car. Seems like a reasonable request right?

The problem? That’s called blackmail.

The man, Christian Mosco, thought that he was being reasonable by asking the owner for such a low amount.

According to reports the incident started when Mosco found the old sales records in a box outside a home in Daytona Beach. He emailed the assistant to the owner of the dealership to say that he had the records, which included confidential customer information.

Mosco said that he would notify the media if he didn’t receive $50,000 and a new Chevrolet Malibu. He continued emailing the dealership with pictures of the records along with requests to contact the dealership’s attorneys.

Mosco drafted up a nondisclosure agreement saying that he would remain quiet about the records if the dealership gave him the cash and car. When he went to go meet with the dealership’s attorneys he was immediately arrested with the records in hand.

He claimed he didn’t think he was doing anything wrong and he thought he was being reasonable. He’s currently facing an charge for extortion.