Florida Man May 23 David Knutson

A Florida Man Was Arrested After Setting Fire To Harley Davidson After Argument Over Woman

Love triangles can be a tricky thing.

A Florida man set fire to another man’s Harley Davidson motorcycle after a love triangle went up in flames.

According to police, a detective was on his way to the precinct when he noticed a fire in a parking lot of a gas station. When he pulled into the station the deputy saw it was a Harley that was engulfed in flames. He and a gas station employee were able to put the flames out.

A witness told police that she saw the man, David Knutson, pour something on the motorcycle and ignite it.

The detective learned Knutson and the convenience store clerk were involved in a dispute over a woman who chose the clerk over him. Knutson took offense to this and in efforts to let his displeasure be known he decided to let this man’s motorcycle on fire.

Police were able to locate the man a short distance away. He apparently still smelled like gasoline and was caught on video setting fire to the bike.

Knutson is facing charges of second degree arson.