Florida Man May 20 Ken Edward Freeman

Florida Man May 20 Ken Edward Freeman

A Florida Man Threatened To Behead Officers And Eat Their Eyes

Road rage a serious problem. A Florida man is accused of threatening to kill six police officers following a road rage incident.

The incident started when the man, Ken Edward Freeman, was involved in an altercation with another driver. Freeman had followed the man into a parking lot after they flipped each other off while driving.

He approached the other driver while carrying a large knife. Freeman punched the man in the shoulder and threatened to behead him in front of his family. Police arrived on scene and the man turned his threats to them.

The man told the officers that he would cut off their heads and eat their eyes and tongues.

Freeman is facing charges including assault with intent, battery and six counts of threat with death and causing serious bodily harm to law enforcement officer (LEO).

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