Florida Man May 20 Clifton Lee Sneed III

A Florida Man Was Arrested For Credit Card Fraud Moments After De-boarding Plane

A Florida man is accused of creating hundreds of illegal credit, debit and gift cards. He was apprehended at Orlando International Airport as he was coming off a flight from Miami.

The man, Clifton Lee Sneed III, used stolen personal information such as credit-card numbers, names, addresses and birthdates to manufacture the fake cards from his home.

While police were searching the home they discovered over 350 credit, debit and gift cards along with equipment used for making fake cards.

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement began the investigation after they received a tip about an illegal credit-card scheme. The FDLE determined that 18 of the confiscated cards had information on the magnetic strip that didn’t match information on the front of the card.

Sneed is facing charges of unlawful possession of personal identification information, criminal use of personal identification, possession of credit card making equipment and forgery of a credit card.