Florida Man May 18 Kevin Jewell

Florida Man May 18 Kevin Jewell

A Florida Man Is Accused Of Hitting Mom With Gun, Shooting Television

Talk about over reacting.

A Florida man was arrested after getting into an argument with his mom and then striking her in the head with a gun.

According to police, there were called to the scene regarding a domestic complaint. They arrived to find out that the man, Kevin Jewell, threatened his mother and a man who was visiting the home.

Jewell struck them both in the head with a gun, shot the television and fired multiple shots in their direction.

When questioned, deputies said Jewell admitted to hitting the man in the back of the head with the handgun. He claimed he couldn’t remember hitting his mother although deputies said they could see a large bump on the left side of her head. The man had a cut on the back of his head.

He admitted to shooting the TV and firing shots in their direction. He’s facing charges including domestic aggravated assault, domestic aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, aggravated assault and aggravated battery with a deadly weapon.

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