Florida Man May 18 Jacob Jones And Damon Parotta

Florida Men Caught On Camera Destroying 7-Eleven, Throwing Bananas At Clerk

It seems like a scene right out of Harold and Kumar.

A group of Florida men are being sought by police after being captured on video trashing a 7 Eleven store. Two people have already been arrested in connection to the incident which took place on May 5.

According to reports, 4 men and 1 woman entered the store early in the morning. They walked over to the clerk who was behind the till.

There was a brief exchange with the employee before the suspects began throwing bananas at the employee. The group then began to vandalize the whole store. Luckily the clerk wasn’t injured.

He was able to lock himself in the back room and call police to the scene. As the group left the store, one of the suspects, identified as Damon Parrotta, punched and smashed the front glass window.

The group was gone by the time police arrived. As luck would have it, one of the suspects dropped his wallet while in the store. The man returned to the store a few hours later to look for it and the clerk called 911. Officers quickly returned and were able to arrest the man and an accomplice.

The men were charged with third-degree felony criminal mischief charges and released from custody after having their $500 bond paid.