Florida Man May 17 Pacardin Jourdon Gandy

A Florida Man Slept With His Cousin, Fired Shots In Her Home

This is just another level of WTF.

A Florida man got into an argument with his cousin after they had sex, leading him to fire shots in her apartment.

According to the cousin, Ty’eisha Singleton, she had sex with the man Pacardin Jourdon Gandy. He fell asleep shortly after and she left the home to go shopping.

He left the home to find her only to find out that she had made it back to her apartment. Gandy started talking to her through the front door when he pulled out a gun and shot through the front window.

Singleton ran to the back of her apartment and called police.

Gandy was arrested and is facing multiple charges. He’s in jail with a $156,000 bond.