Florida Man May 16 Steak Heist

Florida Man May 16 - Steak Heist

A Florida Man Is Being Sought After Stealing A Duffel Bag Full Of Meat From Florida Restaurant

If it was a Klondike bar, this heist would make sense. A Florida man who ransacked a restaurant’s freezer and made off with a duffel bag full of steaks.

According to Two Saints Restaurant & Grill, a surveillance video captured the man’s escapade. In the video, he pulls a duffel bag out from under his shirt and stuffs it full of steaks.

Police said the thief got into the business by prying open the front door with a crowbar just before 4 a.m. Tuesday. The crowbar was found near the kitchen area inside the restaurant.

The video shows the man leaving through the back door and heading toward the woods, where the steaks were later found. The restaurant has a real beef with the thief and included the surveillance video in its Facebook post, hoping to find out who the steak lover is.

Police are saying that he may face 3rd degree felony charges if caught.

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