Florida Man May 16 Phillip Hardrick

Florida Man May 16 - Phillip Hardrick

A Florida Man Was Arrested After Chatting With An ATM And Charging At A Deputy

It seems the brave little toaster has a friend. Meet the Ace Ventura of electronics.

A Florida man found himself in jail after chatting with an ATM and charging a deputy. The incident started when the man, Phillip Hardrick, stopped to get himself a snack. He apparently took a Snickers bar and something to drink without paying.

After getting his refreshments, Hardrick — as stated in the release — then began trying to carry a conversation with the store’s ATM machine.

Deputies arrived shortly after to find Hardick running through the parking lot. “Hardrick turned and charged at one of the deputies but was quickly detained,” the release states.

The deputies managed to restrain him as he held a hand-rolled cigarette that he said was filled with spice. When they tried to find out who the ATM whisperer was, Hardrick told them there were people that were out to kill him so he tossed his wallet into a baseball field.

His wallet and other personal items were located along with a rolled dollar bill, which contained methamphetamine.

Hardrick is facing one count of possession of a controlled substance. This happened just days after he was released from a previous run-in with the law.

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