Florida Man May 16 Steak Heist

Florida Man May 16 - Joseph Michael Churchville

A Florida Man Was Arrested After Threatening Clerk With A Metal Stool

Some people get made when they can’t have it their way. A Florida man is accused of threatening a cellphone company’s clerk with a metal stool over a dispute about customer service.

The incident started when the man, Joseph Michael Churchville, was talking to the clerk and became agitated. He picked up a metal stool and said, “You don’t want to f*** with me!”

He put the stool down and picked it up again, approaching the counter with his arms slightly raised and the stool held to his side, the affidavit states.

The clerk became concerned about their safety and pointed to the surveillance camera over their shoulder, which is when the suspect reportedly left.

Churchville is currently facing a charge of aggravated assault.

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