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Peter Wagman Was Arrested After Assaulting His Sleeping Girlfriend, With Ketchup | June 5

There are people who like ketchup on their eggs and people who like it on hot dogs and hamburgers. Apparently, putting it on your partner is not on the list of things to put ketchup on.

According to reports Florida man Peter Wagman was arrested after he covered his sleeping partner in the red condiment. The victim and her partner had been in an argument about her infidelity when she went to sleep in their bed.

She woke early in the morning to find Wagman pouring ketchup on her. He began to yell, “that’s what you get bitch!”

Police were called to the scene and found the woman covered in ketchup. Wagman denied the condiment attack, though a patrolman noted that he has ketchup on the right side of his pants.

Police have said that both Wagman and his spouse have been previously for battery on one another. The charges in both cases were dropped by prosecutors.

Wagman is currently facing another charge of domestic battery.

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