Florida Man June 2 Warren Stratton

Florida Man June 2 Warren Stratton

Warren Stratton And Relatives Are Facing Hate Crime Charges After Assaulting Interracial Couple

Racism is clearly still alive in Florida. According to reports the victim, a black man, was sitting with his wife (who happens to be white) at a restaurant on Mother’s Day.

The Florida man, Warren Stratton, approached and asked the man if he was from Africa and whether it was “Africa Day.” Stratton continued staring at the couple and making racial comments. He then said the victim was, “just looking for a piece of ass,” in reference to the victim’s wife.

The victim stood up and told Stratten to move along. The argument turned physical when he pushed the victim. Two bar patrons tried to separate the fight but two of Stratton’s family members jumped in and began throwing punches at the victims.

Once the fight was broken up Stratton and a family member, Troy Noe, were heard calling the victim a racial slur. They were also making racially-motivated comments about the victim’s wife.

Police arrived on scene but the men were gone. Luckily they were identified and deputies made the way to their home. As they arrived deputies said Stratton appeared to be on the phone with someone trying to get their story together.

Stratton and a family member, John Noe, are currently facing hate crime charges.

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