Florida Man June 2 Cheeseburger Eddie

Cheeseburger Eddie’s Dreams Dashed As Police Thwart McDonald’s Smuggling Attempt Into Jail

I’ve heard that prison food is terrible. They also say that people in prison tend to become more creative as criminals. What happens when you mix the two? This story.

According to reports by the Clay County Sheriff’s Office, officials thwarted a would-be smuggler’s attempt at sneaking six McDonald’s sandwiches and a tube of Grizzly chewing tobacco into the department’s detention facility. The confiscated items were discovered inside of a trash can.

Law enforcement believes these items were hidden in the lobby trash can by a visitor for the inmates. The stash included cheeseburgers and McChicken sandwiches.

Though cheeseburgers and tobacco aren’t the worst things ever, just imagine if a search wasn’t done and something much worse was brought inside. What could have been worse than McDonalds?

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