Florida Man June 1 Matthew Jacobs

Matthew Jacobs Wanted On Outstanding Warrant Arrested After His Dog Attacked Officers

They say that dogs are man’s best friend. One man trained his best friend to not be nice.

A Florida man was arrested and his dog was shot after a bizarre incident in Bradenton.

According to reports, police went to a home looking to arrest a man, Matthew Jacobs, who had an outstanding warrant. Police knocked on the door and noticed that a man looked out the front window.

They continued to knock but the man refused to open the door. Police got permission from dispatch to enter the home and they had to use forced entry to do so.

Deputies found the man in the back bedroom of the home, sitting on the bed with an aggressive dog next to him. The warned Jacobs not to let the dog go.

But he let the dog go. Then shouted, “watch out for my dog!”

The animal lunged at 3 separate officers and was shot once by each officer. It unfortunately died at the scene and was removed by animal services.

Jacobs was arrested for the outstanding warrant and is facing additional charges including resisting arrest.

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