Florida Man April 29 2019

A Florida man was arrested for shooting at, intentionally driving stolen truck at deputies

Florida troopers arrested a man for intentionally driving at two deputies and nearly striking several pedestrians on Sunday morning.

The incident started when police responded to a call regarding a stolen vehicle. Authorities received a tip two hours later where the stolen truck could be found.

When deputies arrived on scene, they were granted permission to search the property and discovered the truck. They found the man, Travis Lovett, inside the truck.

Lovett deliberately drove the truck at one deputy, who jumped out of the way to avoid being hit. A high speed chase ensued and the man intentionally accelerated at another deputy, who drove off the road to avoid a collision.

Police were eventually able to perform a PIT maneuver on the vehicle, causing it to flip multiple times. The man was ejected from the truck and was rushed to a local hospital.

While he has yet to be charged, police are expecting charges to include two counts of Aggravated Assault and one count of Aggravated Flee/Elude Law Enforcement. Additional charges in other jurisdictions are pending.

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