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Florida Man July 26 Felix Taylor

Felix Taylor Didn’t Like That A Pregnant Woman Was Smoking So He Slapped Her And Allegedly Hit Her In The Abdomen | July 26

Pensacola: A Florida man landed behind bars after he allegedly slapped a pregnant woman who was smoking a cigarette. The incident started when the victim lit a cigarette which threw her ex boyfriend Felix Taylor into a fury.

According to reports the victim told Pensacola police she was smoking a cigarette, which made Taylor angry. He told her that she shouldn’t be smoking because she is pregnant and that if she wanted cigarettes, her new boyfriend should supply them.

Taylor plucked the cigarette out of the victim’s mouth, threw it on the floor and slapped her in the mouth with an open palm. The victim was sitting on a bed at the time.

Taylor went into another room and smoked a cigarette of his own before returning to the bedroom and hitting her in the face and abdomen, the report states.

When police arrived on the scene they noted that the woman had a swollen lip that was bleeding. Taylor refused to speak to police and a warrant was issued for his arrest on March 9, but he wasn’t arrested until July 17.

Felix Taylor was arrested and charged with aggravated battery.

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