Fabricio Jimenez | Florida Man June 11

Fabricio Jimenez Was Arrested After Sharp Eyed Officer Saw Cocaine On His Nose, Claimed It Wasn’t His | June 11

Hillsborough: Honestly I swear it isn’t mine! That excuse didn’t work for Austin Powers, it certainly wouldn’t work for a guy with cocaine on his nose. Florida man Fabricio Jimenez was arrested after he was pulled over and a sharp eyed deputy saw a white powder near his nostrils.

According to reports, a swab of Fabricio Jimenez’s tested positive for cocaine. The Sheriff’s Office said they also found a backpack in the car containing 250 grams of marijuana and 13 Xanax pills.

After searching the man and discovering cocaine, Jimenez told officers that the cocaine under his nose wasn’t his.

We aren’t sure whose cocaine it could have been but one thing is for sure.. Jimenez is now facing various drug and impairment related offenses.

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