Enrique Alicea Jr | Florida Man August 25

Enrique Alicea Jr Gets Pulled Over For Driving Stolen Car, Tells Police He’s Borrowing It, Gets Arrested | August 25

Orlando: Florida man Enrique Alicea Jr was arrested after it was discovered that he was driving a stolen car.

According to reports, the license plate recognition system on the Southern Boulevard Bridge alerted Palm Beach police on Aug. 17 that the car he was driving had been reported stolen.

Police pulled the man over and he continued to tell police that “the whole thing was a misunderstanding.” He told police to contact the rightful owner of the car.

According to the report, police did just that, and the owner of the red 2017 Nissan advised officers that Alicea had taken the car, failed to return it, and that she wanted to press charges.

Officers verified that Alicea had an outstanding warrant for grand theft auto from the Orange County Sheriff’s Office. He also had three suspensions attached to his driver’s license.

Enrique Alicea Jr was charged with driving with a suspended license and having an out-of-county warrant.

Public records indicate that Alicea was previously found guilty of third-degree grand theft, uttering a forged check, contempt of court and violation of probation. He also was charged with theft by deception in 2018.

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