Douglas Allen Smith | Florida Man July 30

Florida Man July 30 Douglas Allen Smith

Douglas Allen Smith Beat His Friend And Trashed His House, Blames It On Looking For A Kitty | July 30

Land O Lakes: A Florida man was beaten by his friend Douglas Allen Smith and had his home trashed. Smith blamed the beating and torn apart home on him trying to find a kitty.

The victim stated that he and Smith are lifelong friends. They were hanging out at Smith’s house on Sunday, drinking alcohol. The friend said Smith suddenly lost control and began destroying furniture, smashing his prized guitar and beating his friend without provocation.

When deputies arrived, there were a pool of blood on the floor in front of the door, a broken table, a television on the ground, a smashed guitar and other damage.

Smith said he didn’t remember how the damage occurred, didn’t know whose blood was on the floor and didn’t know how he had gotten abrasions on the knuckles of both hands. He told deputies that all he remembered was chasing his kitten.

Douglas Allen Smith of Tower Road was arrested and charged with aggravated battery with serious injuries.

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