Donald Threadgill | Florida Man July 20

Donald Threadgill Smoked Meth, Became Paranoid, Got Into An Argument With His Roommate And Pulled A Gun On His Dog | July 20

Bunnell: Ah Florida man, the things you do when you smoke crystal meth. Donald Threadgill was arrested after he pulled a gun on his roommates dog and pulled the trigger. Luckily the gun wasn’t loaded.

According to reports the incident started when the man was hanging out and smoking meth at a residential swimming pool near his western Flagler County home. He became paranoid that unknown people at the pool were going to attack him, and decided to walk home.

When he got home, he got into a heated confrontation with his 55-year-old roommate, David Burley. Burley told deputies the argument ensued when Threadgill asked to borrow his gun and he refused.

Threadgill retrieved the pistol, which was tucked in a couch cushion and the two men began to fight over control of the weapon. After wrestling the handgun away from him, Burley said Threadgill pointed it at his dog and pulled the trigger. The weapon wasn’t loaded and did not fire any rounds.

Burley said he grabbed a golf club and fled the house, and struck Threadgill with the club on his left forearm at some point. When Threadgill was questioned, he told officers it was Burley who chased him out of their residence with the gun.

Donald Threadgill was arrested and charged with battery, robbery, and aggravated assault

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