Darius Kennedy | Florida Man June 25

Darius Kennedy Was Mad He Couldn’t Return A Used Air Mattress To WalMart, Threatens To Return With A Gun | June 25

St Augustine: Most of us have been there before. We try to return something to a store but have misplaced the receipt or missed the return window. While most of us would be ok with the mistake we made, Darius Kennedy was not.

According to reports the Florida man was upset that Walmart employees refused to let him return an inflatable mattress. An arrest report says the man, Darius Kennedy, became irate when employees at the Walmart told him it was too late to return the mattress. The told him that he’d missed the 15-day cut-off window.

Employees also said the mattress box was opened and the mattress itself looked used and dirty. That’s when Kennedy began yelling profanities at management, creating a scene in front of customers.

Kennedy reportedly said he was walking out to his vehicle to get a gun and was going to return to the store with it.

Deputies were called to the scene and found Kennedy outside the store. As deputies handcuffed Kennedy, the suspect reportedly said it was his right to arm himself and walk back into the store.

Kennedy was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct and taken to the St. Johns County Jail. He was also issued a trespass warning.

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