Daquan Dangerfield | Florida Man June 29

Florida Man June 29 Daquan Dangerfield

Operation Raw Deal A Success; Daquan Dangerfield Was Arrested After Police Targeted Him For Trafficking Heroin | June 29

Waterbury: Police in Florida were tired of heroin dealers in the city. They created Operation Raw Deal to target street and higher level dealers. Daquan Dangerfield was able to elude police after the initial waves of arrests but was finally apprehended in relation to that operation.

In response to the number of heroin overdoses in the city, police enforced an undercover initiative called “Operation Raw Deal.” It had led to multiple arrests with more still on the loose.

There are 52 suspects police have their eye on and they arrested 41 of them thus far. During the operation, detectives seized a variety of evidence. They found eight ounces of Raw Heroin, thousands of bags of heroin packaged for sale, 15-thousand dollars in cash, two cars, two handguns with bullets and one rifle.

Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office tracked the male suspect to an apartment complex in Fort Walton Beach and successfully placed him into custody.

Daquan Dangerfield was successfully taken into custody and held on a charge as an out-of-state fugitive from justice. He’s wanted by the Waterbury Police Department on charges of conspiracy to distribute heroin.

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