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Florida Woman June 11 Danielle Redlick

Danielle Redlick Was Arrested After Murdering Her Husband, Who Used To Be Her Step-Father | June 11

Winter Park: It seems as though Woody Allan wasn’t the only man who married his former stepdaughter. The man’s stepdaugher, Danielle Redlick, was charged with murder after trying to make his murder look like a suicide.

Danielle Redlick was charged with murder after Michael was found dead in their home. Family and friends have said that the man, Michael Redlick, fell in love with his stepdaughter after her mother died of cancer.

She called 911 and told detectives that Michael Redlick had stabbed himself during a violent argument. Police found a pile of bloody towels, a bloody mop, bloody footprints and the strong smell of bleach in the house.

Authorities concluded that his wounds weren’t self-inflicted and his death was a homicide from stab wounds to the torso.

Danielle is currently facing murder charges.

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