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Danielle Mamagona Loves Wieners So Much She Offered To Do Social Media Management For Company In Exchange For Them | June 14

Bradenton: Everyone has a food that’s their kryptonite. That food they just can’t get enough of. Florida woman Danielle Mamagona loves wieners so much that she offered the owner of a hot dog stand to pay her in them.

Two years ago, the Florida woman noticed while scrolling through Facebook that a new hot dog stand, Willy-Yums, had opened in her area. “I was just scrolling through Facebook, looking for something to do in the area, and I saw a post that said ‘hot dog stand, grand opening’ and I was like, I am there!” she told Fox News.

Danielle Mamagona tried to post about the opening on one of her social media accounts, but could not find any accounts associated with Willy-Yums. She approached the owner of the hot dog stand, Rob Williams, about managing his social media presence.

Willy-Yums’ owner told her that he could not afford to pay her, as the business was still getting off the ground. But he was rich in one thing; wieners. He offered to pay Mamagona in his signature food.

The Florida woman told Fox News that it was a dream come true.

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