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Danielle Kahl Scammed Over $150,000 From Employer That Cared For Her “Like A Sister” | July 13

Melbourne: Employees are usually treated like family at most businesses across America. One woman used that to her advantage. Florida woman Danielle Kahl was arrested after it was discovered that she stole over $150,000 from her employer.

Rockledge police began investigating in May after the owners of Blue Marlin Pools on Barton Boulevard realized the signature on a check had been forged.

The discovery prompted owners to go through their books for the past three years. 

Detectives found Kahl had deposited dozens of checks into her personal bank accounts since June 2016, ranging between $300 and and almost $9,000. When the fraudulent deposits began three years ago, records showed smaller deposits of under $3,000. By last year, Kahl began depositing multiple checks from her company above $8,000, according to police reports. 

Kahl was fired from her job and the owners told detectives they “would have done anything for her as an employee and treated her like a sister.” 

Danielle Kahl was arrested and charged Wednesday with scheming to defraud and grand theft.

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