Corey Smith | Florida Man June 19

Corey Smith Was Offered Cigarettes And A Drink From A Friend, Hits Him In Head With Hammer To Say Thanks | June 19

Elkins, Virginia: Sometimes friends get into disagreements. Most people can shake it off. This guy couldn’t. Florida man Corey Smith was arrested after he struck a man in the head just after being offered a drink and cigarettes.

Troopers were called to the scene after receiving a call regarding an assault. When troopers arrived, Randolph County deputies had already detained the suspect, Corey Smith, of Jacksonville, Florida.

Troopers spoke with the victim, Devan Scott, who said he and Smith were at the home. He had given Smith a drink and cigarettes, according to troopers. Smith abruptly stood up and hit Scott in the head with a hammer. The victim stated he had no clue why because they hadn’t been arguing.

Scott suffered a 1-inch laceration to the top of his head, which was bleeding significantly down the front of his face, troopers said.

Smith was arrested and is facing charges of malicious assault.

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