Cordarial Smith | Florida Man September 5

Cordarial Smith Hired Woman To Wash His Laundry, She Took Longer Than He Wanted So He Pulled A Gun On Her | September 5

Pensacola: Florida man Cordarial Smith was arrested Tuesday after deputies say he pointed a gun at a woman who hadn’t finished his laundry.

According to reports back in June Smith went to retrieve his laundry from a woman in Pensacola who agreed to wash it.

When Smith realized the woman didn’t have his laundry finished, he became agitated. The woman told Smith not to disrespect to her, to which he replied, “(Expletive), I will kill you with your ugly (expletive),” and pointed a gun at her face.

The woman called police but Smith fled before they arrived. A warrant was put out for his arrest and he was finally brought in by police.

Cordarial Smith was arrested and charged with aggravated battery and possession of a firearm by a felon.

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