Cindy Lou Colotti | Florida Woman June 15

Florida Woman June 15 Cindy Lou Colotti

Cindy Lou Colotti Was Arrested After Assaulting Roommate Over Alcohol, Head Butting Her And Knocking Out Teeth | June 15

St Augustine: Can’t blame it on me, you have to blame it on the alcohol. It’s crazy how alcohol affects our ability to reason properly. It’s also crazy how angry people get when you touch their booze. Florida woman Cindy Lou Colotti is facing charges after headbutting her roommate after an argument over alcohol.

According to reports the woman, Cindy Lou Colotti, had gotten into an argument with her roommate over booze that the roommate took. She got mad and started hitting her roommate in the face with an unknown object, knocking out the roommate’s front tooth.

Police were called to the scene after receiving a call from the roommate. When they arrived Colotti admitted to deputies that she head-butted her roommate but claimed that it was in self-defense. She said she threw her roommate out of the RV.

Deputies said Colotti was argumentative and confrontational at the scene and was arrested and booked into the St. Johns County Jail.

Colotti is currently facing charges including assault and battery.

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