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Christian Wilson And Spouse David Dexter Were Arrested After Police Discovered Their Child in Hot, Bug Infested Car | June 29

Deland: When I was younger you could lock kids in a hot car and it wasn’t frowned upon. Those days are long gone. Florida woman Christian Wilson and her partner David Dexter were arrested after police found their child locked in a hot, bug infested vehicle.

The couple were arrested after police discovered they had left their 2-year-old daughter in a car. There was no air conditioning on a day where the temperature approached 104 degrees Fahrenheit.

An officer from the Deland Police Department noticed the car parked at the edge of a park with the engine turned off. After seeing two adults and a child inside, the officer observed the car for several minutes, and then approached.

He found out that there was a child inside, that there were people doing drugs and the conditions in the vehicle were wretched. The car was reportedly littered with dirty diapers, soiled clothing, open containers of food that had spoiled and an infestation of bugs.

Dexter told police that the substance was dilaudid and that he and Wilson had purchased the drugs with the child in the car. Dexter added that Wilson had injected drugs in front of the child.

Officers also noted that the child had several scabs on her body, and an open wound on her neck had begun to attract several insects. When officers asked Wilson and Dexter about the neck wound, Dexter said that the girl had run into someone with a lit cigarette while walking downtown.

David Dexter and Christian Wilson were both arrested and each charged with felony child abuse, possession of a schedule II substance and possession of drug paraphernalia.

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