Chazmaine Alonzo Small | Florida Man September 2

Florida man September 2 Chazmaine Alonzo Small

Chazmaine Alonzo Small Gets In Car Chase, Flees On Foot, Gets Arrested But Claims He Wasn’t In Vehicle But Was Running From It | September 2

Ocala: Florida man Chazmaine Alonzo Small led police on a car and foot chase less than 2 weeks after getting released from prison.

According to reports an Ocala Police officer observed a white Jeep with the passenger side brake light out. As the officer tried to get close enough to read the tag number and conduct a traffic stop at the 2400 block of North Magnolia Avenue, the Jeep accelerated at a high speed.

The vehicle traveled east on NW 24th Place, plowing through stop signs at NW 5th Avenue, NW 1st Avenue, and NE 4th Avenue. At one point Small drove the vehicle onto a lawn and almost ran into the side of a home.

He then exited the vehicle and took off on foot. An officer apprehended him as he was trying to jump a fence. Small claimed he was not in the vehicle and he believed he was being chased by whoever was in it.

A search of records revealed his license has been revoked since June 2007.

While on the scene a K-9 officer and his partner conducted an open-air drug sniff and confirmed the odor of narcotics in the vehicle. A search turned up 500mg of Divalproex in a prescription bottle belonging to Small in the vehicle.

A black headphone case was found outside the vehicle containing a clear plastic bag with a brown powder-like substance that tested positive for MDMA.

Chazmaine Alonzo Small was arrested Monday night and charged with possession of a controlled substance (MDMA) without a prescription, possession of drug equipment, resisting an officer without violence, reckless driving, and driving with a suspended license (third or subsequent offense).

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