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Florida Man August 2 Charles Schenck

Florida Perv Charles Schenck Was Arrested After Taking Video Of Woman Changing At Target, Runs Away When She Screams | August 2

Tampa: Married Florida perv Charles Schenck was arrested after he was caught recording a woman changing at a Tampa area target.

According to reports, the man used his cellphone to record under a stall as a woman was changing. Th victim noticed the phone and screamed. Schenck ran when the woman noticed him and screamed, police said, according to the report.

Thanks to store surveillance, Tampa police were able to identify Schenck and later arrest him at his home.

Schenck apparently was working for the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. His bio appeared to have been removed from the Fellowship of Christian Athletes’ website by Thursday morning. He previously had been listed on the website as an “Area Representative.”

Charles Schenck was arrested and charged with video voyeurism.

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