Catherine Allford | Florida Woman June 12

Catherine Allford Was Arrested With $100k In Car After Crashing Into Concert, Hitting 2 People | June 12

Port Charlotte: Note to self, when driving with copious amounts of cash, don’t drive like a jackass. Florida woman Catherine Allford is accused of driving a sports car into a crowd of people attending a concert Port Charlotte.

According to reports, Catherine Allford’s luxury Spider Fiat drove past barriers while the band was playing, driving over the guitarist’s foot in the process.

Police were on the scene and arrested Allford for DUI, harming people and causing property damage. She told deputies she had taken “too many” pain pills because of a recent back surgery.

When she stepped out of the car, cash in ten thousand dollar bundles fell from underneath her dress. Deputies found $110,000 in cash in Allford’s car. Most of the money was found inside a box covered in aluminum foil.

Witnesses said after Allford hit a couple people she reversed out of the concert lot and tried to speed away. However she got stuck leaving tire marks in the dirt across the street from the venue. Employees surrounded her car until deputies arrived.

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