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Florida Man March 12

Florida man dressed as Spider-Man robs liquor store Florida Man Challenge March 12 My Spidey senses are tingling! A Florida man robbed a liquor store while wearing a Spider-Man mask. Surveillance video from the store shows the man, Edward “Fast Eddie” Wilburn, with his face covered in a Spider-Man mask. He grabs multiple bottles and […]

Florida Man March 10

Florida man who attacked McDonald’s worker over straw sentenced to jail Florida Man Challenge March 10 A Florida man was sentenced to jail for an attack on a McDonald’s employee. Daniel Willis Taylor, 40, pleaded guilty to two counts of battery and was sentenced to 60 days in jail. He’s already served 58 of the […]

Florida Man March 9

Florida photographer arrested for punching man who wouldn’t stop photo bombing Florida Man Challenge March 9 Wedding day photography can be challenging. You have to line the shot up, get everyone in the perfect pose.. and hope no one photo bombs the shot. A Florida man was punched in the face by a photographer after […]

Florida Man March 7

Florida man becomes viral sensation after dance routine to Post Malone Florida Man Challenge March 7 In light-hearted news day, a Florida man has become a viral sensation after crushing a dance routine to a song by Post Malone. Videos were posted to social media of a man absolutely crushing a dance routine to Post […]

Florida Man March 5

Florida man arrested after asking police if they found all his pot Florida Man Challenge March 5 A Florida man was arrested after asking officers if they found all his pot. A smoke cloud in a Florida neighborhood led police to investigate the area after concerned residents dialed 911. Police found an open fire of […]

Florida Man March 4

Florida man arrested after fight over Tupac Shakur Florida Man Challenge March 4 A Florida man was arrested after a fight broke out over the music of Tupac Shakur. Apparently, two men were involved in a violent confrontation over the iconic hip-hopper. Police were dispatched to a house party last Wednesday night after receiving several […]

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