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January 30

Florida man jailed for weeks over laundry detergent Florida Man Challenge January 30 A Florida man spent weeks in jail for what police thought was heroin. The mystery powder turned out to simply be a bag of laundry detergent. Officers responded to reports of a suspicious van in a parking lot and found the man […]

January 29

Florida man accused of robbing restaurant at finger point Florida Man Challenge January 29 Ever seen the Bean Movie with Rowan Atkinson? Where he pulls out an imaginary gun while he’s at gun point in an airport? It seems there’s someone who took that idea to heart. A Florida man upped the ante when he […]

January 28

Florida man learns he stole laxatives, not opioids Florida Man Challenge January 28 How many times have you accidentally switched your opioids for laxatives? A local Florida man learned the hard way when he stole a bottle of pills from the medicine cabinet of a home he was staying in. The man, Peter Hans Emery, […]

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