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February 9

Florida man and a woman feed baby alligator from bottle Florida Man Challenge February 9 Baby pictures are an important part of any family. It serves as a reminder of our precious little angles. A Florida man and his wife posed for a photo while bottle feeding an alligator. The maternity photo has gone viral […]

February 8

HIV positive Florida man arrested for biting cop after dancing in intersection Florida Man Challenge February 8 A Florida man took things too far when he bit a cop after dancing at an intersection. Officers were responding to “multiple calls about a male standing in the middle of the intersection dancing and acting erratic”. The […]

February 7

Florida man dances through sobriety test Florida Man Challenge February 7 How can you tell when you’ve had one too much to drink? Dancing like a fool? Falling asleep behind the wheel? A Florida man is facing charges after he attempted to dance through a field sobriety test. It all started when police found the […]

February 5

Florida man accused of smearing feces in restroom and sauna Florida Man Challenge February 5 Finger painting is an activity enjoyed by people around the world. A few Florida men are facing charges after finger painting at a local gym, unfortunately they didn’t have paint. Police arrested two men after a Crunch Fitness employee complained […]

February 4

Florida man attacks sister, bites cop after someone touches his cigar Florida Man Challenge February 4 A Florida man was enraged because someone touched one of his cigars. He attacked his pregnant sister and bit a police officer who was arresting him. The man, Brian Keith Harrington, thought his sister’s boyfriend had either moved or […]

February 3

Florida man accused of killing gators for Super Bowl dinner Florida Man Challenge February 3 Some people enjoy wings at their Super Bowl party. Others enjoy pizza. A Florida man was arrested on allegations that he killed 5 small alligators for his Super Bowl dinner. The man, Richard Nixie, was arrested on charges of possession […]

February 2

Florida man stabs another Florida man over hat Florida Man Challenge February 2 The Mad Hatter has gone mad.. madder than before. A Florida man stabbed another man over an altercation over a hat. Police were called to a hospital around 3am regarding a man with an inch-long puncture wound to his lower back near […]

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