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February 18

Florida man carrying a rattlesnake claims to be “agent of God” Florida Man Challenge February 18 A Florida man who claimed to be an “agent of God” was found walking around with a large rattlesnake. Police received calls about a man carrying a 6 - 8 foot snake. When officers arrived on scene, they told […]

February 17

Florida man charged with aiming laser at police helicopter Florida Man Challenge February 17 Shenanigans in the sky tonight as a local Florida man was arrested after aiming a red laser at a police helicopter. The helicopter was monitoring a fire when its crew spotted the laser coming from a nearby yard. The suspect, Brian […]

February 16

Florida man killed when scooter collides with deer Florida Man Challenge February 16 It’s a sad day in Florida today as a Florida man was killed after the scooter he was riding collided with a deer. The man, Giancarlo Agnoletti, was pronounced dead at the scene after his bike struck the animal. The deer had […]

February 14

Florida man caught on camera licking doorbell Florida Man Challenge February 14 Yes, the snozberries do taste like snozberries. A Florida man had the police called on him when he continuously licked the doorbell of a home owners house. This has happened to a different home owner before. A different man was caught on camera […]

February 13

Florida man test drives car, doesn’t return to the dealership Florida Man Challenge February 13 A Florida man was arrested after he test drove a car and didn’t return it to the dealership. According to police the man, J’Briel Scurry, and another man went to a dealership asking about buying a car. He found a […]

February 12

Florida man throws burrito in woman’s face Florida Man Challenge February 12 Ron Burgundy would be proud. A Florida man was arrested after throwing a burrito in a woman’s face. And cops say it’s happened before. The man, Victor Fosser, was arrested on a battery charge for throwing a Taco Bell burrito in his wife’s […]

February 10

Florida man arrested for throwing alligator through drive-thru window Florida Man Challenge February 10 A Florida Man was arrested and charged with assault with a deadly weapon after he threw an alligator through the window of a fast food restaurant. The man, Joshua James, drove his pickup truck to the window. When an employee handed […]

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