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December 21

Florida Man Challenge December 21 Florida Man strikes again! Literally! When his girlfriend decided that she would do all the good drugs to herself without sharing. How dare she! Sharing is caring right? We all know this wasn’t Marijuana because it’s so hard not to share it and not be a piece of human garbage […]

December 29

Florida Man Challenge December 29 When the typical cop chases just aren’t doing it, you gotta improvise. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Unfortunately for this Florida Man, he received the short end of that stick when he bailed out of his car and drowned in the canal. #wasted Read the full story here

December 30

Florida Man Challenge December 30 Not every Florida Man is bad. Trump is creating a bigger job market for those building the wall and those creating the tunnels. Kudos to the man who says it’ll be donated to American Civil Liberties Union, which is responsible for reuniting immigrant families. Read the full story here

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