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December 12

Florida Man Challenge December 12 A Florida Man ran around naked with a crossbow that claimed aliens were after him.. He was held up in his father’s home where police ended up charging in and shooting him in the shoulder. The man claimed he wasn’t on drugs, but when you’re running around naked with a […]

December 13

Florida Man Challenge December 13 Nothing says Florida like domestic violence. A woman decided to break it off after 5 months with this Florida Man and he didn’t take it well. He stole her money, broke her phone, struck her, and smashed her car with a bat. Men clearly don’t understand the rules of dating. […]

December 17

Florida Man Challenge December 17 Florida Man arrested after he was hit with a dodge ball during a heated children’s match. This is what happens when you watch these games, sometimes you get balls in the face. He faces charges on child abuse and chargers violating his probation.. What was he violating in his probation?? […]

December 19

Florida Man Challenge December 19 After letting the Crowley school district know they had to update their banking information for construction that was required, this Florida Man walked away with $2,000,000! He ended up buying a fancy BMW and Rolex. I always knew BMW drivers were dicks.. Read the full story here

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