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April 7 2019

Florida Man Challenge April 7 Florida man arrested after hitting parking officer for getting a ticket A Florida man was arrested Friday after he purposely hit a parking enforcement officer with his vehicle while getting a ticket. The man, Marquille Brown, was being ticketed for parking in a handicap spot when he intentionally hit the […]

April 6 2019

Florida Man Challenge April 6 Florida man back behind bars after breaking into car just after being released A Florida man released from jail this week was arrested just minutes later for stealing from a car in the prison parking lot, authorities said. The man, Michael Casey Lewis, had just been released for grand theft […]

April 5 2019

Florida Man Challenge April 5 Florida man accused of performing sex acts on dog A Florida man has been arrested after being accused of engaging in sexual activity with a dog. It all started when a woman went to police in February with a cellphone that she had found while at a Florida restaurant. The […]

April 5

Florida Man Challenge April 5 Florida man arrested for mistaking man with Parkinson’s for a car thief A Florida man is behind bars after he mistook a 66-year-old tourist with Parkinson’s Disease for a vehicle thief. The ordeal started when the man, Kevin Mena, saw a man pulling on an SUV door handle at a […]

April 4

Florida man stole a car but returned to retrieve forgotten cell phone Florida Man Challenge April 4 A Florida man was arrested after returning to the scene of the crime where he stole a vehicle because he had left his cell phone. The incident started when a resident called police to notify them that her […]

April 3

Florida man arrested after cutting man who wouldn’t give him squeegee Florida Man Challenge April 3 A Florida man is facing charges after cutting a man during an argument about a squeegee. The man, Ferdinand Velez Latorre, was involved in a verbal altercation with the victim before the attack occurred. Latorre then jumped onto a […]

April 2

Florida men wore makeup and wigs for jewelry store robbery Florida Man Challenge April 2 Four Florida men have been jailed after being found guilty of robbing a jewelry store in a heist that would play out like a scene from a Tyler Perry movie. The four men, Christopher Brinson, Adrian Hardy, Emmory Moore and […]

April 1

Florida man facing charges after firing at roofers who interrupted his argument Florida Man Challenge April 1 When will people learn to mind their own business? A Florida man was arrested after shooting at roofers for interrupting an argument that he was having with his girlfriend. The man, Mariano Hernandez, was arguing with his girlfriend […]

April 30

Florida Man Challenge April 30 In a scene that would put Michael J Fox’s teen wolf to the test, a local Florida man was arrested after being high on meth and surfing on a strangers car. A woman was so terrified she continued to drive after he jumped on top of her car. Police were […]

April 29

Florida Man Challenge April 29 There are a lot of things that you shouldn’t do when behind the wheel of a car. Using your cell phone, napping and oh yeah.. don’t smoke crack. A Florida man was arrested after falling asleep at a stop sign with a crack pipe in his lap. Read the full […]

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