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Florida Man April 16 2019

florida man april 16 joel benjamin

A Florida man is facing charges after shooting at a woman with urine A Florida man is behind bars after he shot a woman with a water gun containing his own urine.  According to police the man, Joel Benjamin, approached a woman walking her dog. He raised a water gun and began spraying her with […]

Florida Man April 14

Florida Man Challenge April 14 A Florida man is facing charges after he attempted to pull over two undercover police officers to initiate a false traffic stop. According to reports, detectives were driving an unmarked car when they saw a white Crown Victoria following closely behind them. Lights flashed from the front windshield of the […]

April 8 2019

Florida Man Challenge April 8 Florida man arrested while building shed with garbage on stranger’s property A Florida man was arrested when he was caught building a shed on a stranger’s property while wearing nothing but a thong. The incident started when the homeowner called police after discovering a man on his property building a […]

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