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Florida Woman June 9 Cadence Bryant

Candence Bryant Was Arrested After Scamming Restaurants, Pretending To Work At Florida Radio Stations | June 9

It always amazes how creative criminals get; if only they applied their creativity to legal endeavors. Florida woman Candence Bryant is facing charges after pretending to be an employee of two South Florida TV stations and placing fake food orders at local restaurants.

The search came after WPLG Channel 10 posted a story in May about a woman using the name Tiffany or Sharon and claiming to be an employee of the Pembroke Park station. She called at least five restaurants and caterers and then had the food delivered to other locations. A similar scam involved two restaurants and WSVN Channel 7 in December.

When the food was dropped off, the scammers would tell the restaurant owners to go to Channel 10 for payment. When the restaurant would arrive at the station, they had no idea what they were talking about as they hadn’t placed the order.

A sharp eyed deputy saw the woman and arrested her without incident on Friday.

Cadence Bryant is currently facing charges of fraud and petit theft.

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