Byron Christianoudis | Florida Man June 14

Byron Christianoudis Was Arrested After Beating His 70 Year Old Landlord For Refusing To Let Him Shower | June 14

Pasco County: Smells like you could use a shower stinky. Florida man Byron Christianoudis viciously attacked his elderly roommate — because the man accused him of taking too many showers.

Byron Christianoudis was going to take a shower Tuesday when his 70-year-old roommate, also his landlord, told him he couldn’t because he takes too many. The man placed his roommate in a headlock and scratched the man’s face with his nails, causing a laceration.

Christianoudis fessed up to the crime, but told authorities he felt threatened and was defending himself.

He’s facing charges of battery on a person over 65 years old. The man doesn’t have a clean criminal record. He allegedly masturbated on a Florida beach as he watched an adult woman and a girl walk down the water’s edge back in 2015.

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