Byron Andrew Lawson | Florida Man June 14

Byron Andrew Lawson Has Been A Bad Boy, He’s Suspected Of Stealing More Than A Dozen Bikes From Kids | June 14

Orlando: This isn’t where I parked my car. Or bike. You may have had that feeling when you realize that your car or bike isn’t where you left it. For students at the University of Florida, that reason is because of Byron Andrew Lawson.

According to reports Florida man Byron Andrew Lawson is currently wanted by police in connection with over a dozen bicycle thefts at the university.

Lawson was banned from the UCF campus in May 2017 after his first arrest for bike theft, police said. He returned to campus in the fall and was arrested again on suspicion of stealing more bikes. 

He is suspected of at least a dozen bike thefts on campus during the past few years, the UCFPD said. Police officials said he often wears dark sneakers, white socks and a backpack.

If you see Lawson, you are asked to call UFPD by dialing 911.

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