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Florida Man July 31 Breon Cheaves

Breon Cheaves Tried To Buy Heroin For Prostitute, Beats His Friend For Not Giving Him Money, Gets Arrested | July 31

Manatee: A Florida man looking for a good time was arrested after he assaulted a friend who wouldn’t give him money. The man Breon Cheaves punched the female victim multiple times before attempting to strangle her.

According to reports, the incident started when Cheaves asked a friend for $20 so he could buy a bag of heroin for a prostitute. The friend told Cheaves she didn’t have any money, at which point he turned violent. She told deputies he landed several punches on both sides of her face before trying to strangle her.

Police were called to the scene. As deputies approached the Michiana Hotel in Manatee County, they saw Breon Cheaves quickly walking in the other direction. They didn’t realize he was the reason they were responding to a report of a woman screaming at 5:30 Saturday morning.

Deputies learned Cheaves had been staying at the motel, so instead of pursuing him or launching a manhunt, they played the waiting game.

When he tried to get back into his room, deputies slapped on the handcuffs. Breon Cheaves is charged with battery and resisting arrest.

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