Brent Eshelby Jr | Florida Man June 22

Brent Eshelby Jr Didn’t Want To Pay Former Employee, So He Donned A Mask And Shot Him Multiple Times | June 22

Hudson: Sometime employers can be real dicks. From outsourcing jobs to cutting wages, employees have to be wary of unscrupulous employers. Florida man Brent Eshelby Jr is facing charges after he shot a former employee who was asking to be paid what he was owed.

Deputies responded to a residence off Lilly Lane in Hudson and spoke to a witness who had been inside with the victim. The witness told deputies she had heard someone walking around the woods outside the small travel trailer.

The witness told deputies the victim walked outside to see who was there and then the witness heard what sounded like gunshots. She heard the victim scream to call 911 and saw a man walking around the trailer wearing a partial mask below his nose. The arrest report said the man was holding what appeared to be a small caliber rifle.

Deputies said the victim was taken to the hospital and treated for multiple gunshot wounds. Including four to his abdomen, one on his elbow and one near his knee. The arrest report said the victim had internal injuries to his liver, colon and diaphragm and had to have his spleen removed.

The victim said he previously worked with Brent Eshelby Jr and said he owed him money. The victim told deputies he had been calling and texting Eshelby “multiple times trying to get the defendant to pay him his wages.”

The argumentative conversations happened between the victim and Eshelby’s wife.

Eshelby was arrested and is facings charges of attempted felony murder/homicide.

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