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Florida Man June 18 Brandon Muenz

Brandon Muenz Was Arrested After Refusing To Pay For His Meal At A Restaurant, Exposing Himself To Customers | June 18

Port Richey: When you decide to go out to a restaurant to eat you run the risk of running into unruly customers, screaming babies or crazy people exposing themselves. Florida man Brandon Muenz was arrested Friday after deputies say he refused to pay for his meal at a restaurant and exposed his genitals to other customers.

Deputies say they responded to the Kickin Wingz restaurant in Port Richey and found the manager waiting with Brandon Muenz. He was sitting on the floor and his clothes were so torn up, his genitals were exposed when he moved around.

According to an arrest report, witnesses at the restaurant said a waiter asked Muenz if he was going to pay for his bill after eating chicken wings. The witness told deputies it appeared as if Muenz was rubbing himself while he tried to look for money.

When the manager came over, he ran out the front door, deputies say. According to law enforcement, Muenz was chased and caught by another witness and the manager.

The man was arrested and is facing charges of breach of peace and disorderly conduct.

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