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Florida Man June 28 Austin Ogg

Austin Ogg Was Arrested After Sneaking Onto Stage At Democratic National Debate, Had Hidden In The Bathroom | June 28

Miami: People can get fairly heated when it comes to politics. While people who are involved want to share their opinions, there is a right way to do things and then the way that Austin Ogg attempted to do them.

According to reports Austin Ogg first tried to access the Adrienne Arsht Center in the afternoon. He was turned away by security and warned about trespassing.

Less than an hour later, Ogg returned to the venue and told a guard he needed to use the bathroom.

He stayed inside the bathroom for one hour before walking onto the stage. He then attempted to speak while the candidates were present and preparing for the debate.

Austin Ogg was arrested and is facing charges of trespassing.

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