August 30

Florida Man Challenge August 30

A Florida man supports a Florida man, who killed a Florida man for being a Florida man.

In this twisted tale, a Florida sheriff is supporting the decision by Florida Uber driver Robert Westlake to shoot a man who cut him off, jumped out of his vehicle and claimed to have a pistol. Mr Westlake, who has a concealed weapons permit, removed his weapon from his vehicle and shot the man in the chest.

The sheriff is quoted as saying that the man who was shot was “a goofball”.

The man who was shot, Jason Boek

In Other News

A Florida man with the name Vladimir Putin, no relation to the Russian president, was arrested for trespassing.

The man was screaming at employees of a local Publix supermarket. The man was asked by management to leave and he refused. The 28 year old Putin is facing charges including trespassing and resisting arrest.